Cowboy....GCHB Happy Trails Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy TKN

                                     # 1 NOHS Giant Schnauzer  for 2018!!!

Holds the record for the youngest Grand Champion in the history of the Breed!

Holds the record for finishing faster than any other Giant!  2 days(3 shows in 24 hours) to finish!!!

Look on the What's Available page for puppy updates!! 

Waiting list closed for spring/summer puppies!

Waiting list still open for fall/winter 2021 puppies!  Filling fast!!!

Enjoy the Show!!

Happy Trails To You!!

Life with Giants!!

Welcome to Happy Trails Giant Schnauzers located in the beautiful countryside 20 minutes outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  Please feel free to contact us and we'll talk about giant schnauzers and what you have in mind!  We will help you find a puppy, young adult or adult to suit you and your family!

Hank, Am/Can/Intl BIS/BISS Ch. Ruster's Your Cheatin' Heart AX, OAJ, TD,TT, CGC...though you are gone now you will remain in my heart forever!

Ear cropping is a choice and we offer you either cropped or natural ears for your giant schnauzer.  Cropped ears on request and done only by our veterinarian.

Giant Schnauzers

Puppies raised in a warm, happy home with lots of attention and socialization!!

Puppy Time!!

Happy Trails Giant Schnauzers

Look for pics and accomplishments from our performance Giants with their Happy owners coming soon!!

Currently an owner/handler/groomer and loving every minute of it!

Natural Beauty